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Hawaiian Music

Hawaiian Music covers a wide variety of categories and there is something for everyone – however, we seem to enjoy them all. Here are some of those categories!

“Traditional Hawaiian Music” – includes the ancient drums and hulas of pre-foreign contact, the hymns from the missionaries and waltzes of the era of the Monarchy.

“Hapa-haole Music” became popular through Hollywood films and radio air-play.

Jazz, blues and swing through the era of the 30ʻs and 40ʻs.  

With the so-call renaissance of Hawaian Culture (hula, language and music) immersed in the 70ʻs, “Contemporary Hawaiian Music” became popular.   It contains components of all of the above categories. With the commonality of the steel guitar (which was invented in Hawaii), “Country Music” is in there as well. 

“Jawaiian” and Hip-Hop have a place in there too, with more to come, no doubt!

With this wide swath of choices, we often find that our favorite is “Slack Key Guitar “ and our friend Kimo West does a wonderful job of playing and explaining what it is all about in his video.



Linda and Joe

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