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Our Top Kauai Recommendations

Here are our favorite things to see and do. Have a look around as we have included photos, videos, information and links.
They are in no particular order.

1. Beaches and Snorkeling

One of the favorite parts of our days in Kauai is getting in the ocean.  Whether for a swim, snorkle, or looking for shells on the shoreline, the ocean is always changing.


For a list of our favorite beaches, click on More Information below.

2. Hiking and Walking

Our days usually start with a walk around the neighborhood – either towards the St. Regis Hotel check on the surf conditions or the Golf Course to look for nesting Albatross.  There are many paths and trails to follow and explore.  

Rainbow from across the street

When you’re ready for a more strenuous hike, including the famous Kalalua Trail, be sure to check conditions and be sure you’re prepared.  For more information on the Kalaula Trail and other ways to explore the island, click on More Information below.  

3. Experiencing Nature

From the moment you arrive at Haleakamanu, you know you’re not alone.  Birds, geckos, and plants surround you with their sights and sounds.  They provide a musical background to Kauai life, silenced only when the rains fall, then rising again to meet the sun and rainbows.

cornell lab albatross

One of our favorite birds on the island is the Laysan Albatross, which you may see in flight or as a fledgling during the months of December through July.  These birds are protected, so please do not approach or feed them.  To learn more about Kauai’s albatross, click on the link below.

4. Hawaiian Culture

Whether this is your first time to Hawaii or you are a frequent visitor, you will find that the culture is rich with history and celebrated through music and dance.  A good place to start to enjoy local musicians is at Tahiti Nui.  If you are looking for more, just ask.  Many locals can guide you to great places to enjoy music and dancing beyond the traditional Luau.

At the mic

Tahiti Nui 

5. Local Events

Although Princeville appears more peaceful than some of the popular Hawaiian towns, there are many events and activities to enjoy.  The best place to keep informed on local events is through Kauai’s event calendar.  These events include things like Farmer’s Markets, music and dance performances, and local civic fundraisers.  The link is provided below. 

surf dog in truck

Kauai Events Calendar

6. Great Food

From the great poke at Foodland to gourmet dinners in Hanalei you will not go hungry.  We enjoy cooking dinner in the kitchen at Haleakamanu (with a break to walk across the street and enjoy sunset every evening) but when you don’t want to clean dishes, enjoy one of the many great restaurants close by.  

Hanalei Dolphin

We have menus for most restaurants in the kitchen, but you can also check menus on line.  To see our recommendations, click below.

7. Outdoor Activities

Golf, swimming, tennis, kayaking, surfing, stand-up paddling, hiking, zip-lining, diving, snorkeling, fishing, whale watching…yes, please!  Choose your favorites.  Chances are you’ll want to come back again because you will always be adding to this list.   We look forward to hearing about the activities you enjoyed and recommendations for future guests. 


Visit the website below for a complete list of Kauai activities.  We have not done everything, but highly recommend Princeville Adventure Tours.

8. Relaxing

Chances are that’s exactly what you had in mind when you decided to take a vacation to Kauai.  Give your mind and body and chance to rest – we don’t think you’ll regret it.


Aloha from the lanai of the St. Regis Hotel, Princeville.

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